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Get face-to-face online with experts

The HeadsUp Network is run by the Centre for Management Research In Action.

Our Mission

The Centre’s mission is to help managers make the most of the immense body of research and wisdom about how to succeed in work.

What we do

The Centre’s activities extend to research projects and support services for managers and students globally.

The first service is the HeadsUp network.

The research work is focused on combining the wisdom of experienced managers with the expertise of business academics.  We want to capture and share the knowledge about how to succeed in work that has been gained by those successful in business.

In short, the Centre aims to support managers in accessing and putting into action the best of management, organisation and behavioural science and the wisdom of those experienced in industry, government and not-for-profit.

Why we started

Hamish Scott, founder of the Centre, in 2016:

There’s a lot that we know about what works in business.  (And a lot that we know about what doesn’t work!)
We have cases and research findings.  We have thousands of hours of learning from managers.  We have careers’ worth of wisdom.

But only a fraction of it is accessed or brought to bear.

Most people are too busy to take time out.  They don’t have the time to sort the proper learning from the growing mountains of content that have now become an online industry.

We need to help managers make the most of the knowledge that the world can offer.  Take people straight to what they need.

And we need to look harder for the wisdom that we should be sharing.

I think it’s crazy that 27 year-old doctoral students have their esoteric conclusions published but the world doesn’t get to hear from a guy with 30 years of learning about how to cut costs in a spiralling industry.

We must help bring this knowledge to the wider management community.  This is management research as valuable as any university paper.

An executive’s  personal effectiveness, a nation’s productivity, a company’s goals…they all deserve the best thinking to be applied.

How do we get the best of management research, the best of what is known, into the hands of the people who will drive our economies?

We’re going to work on how we do that.

How we think

The Centre brings together a diverse group. But there are a few things that we all agree on:

  1. The doer is the hero. Turning the thinking into action is the point.
  2. Everyone deserves to know the best of what is known.
  3. It’s the dialogue that counts.
  4. Leaders have better things to do than wade through the mountains of blah blah blah.
  5. We are passionate about helping the doers.

Who we are

The Centre draws on a network of Members from across the world.

Every Member does three things:

  1. We work in executive education as members of faculty or visiting faculty at top Business Schools. We work as professors, coaches, and tutors helping individual managers and groups of company management develop the knowledge and skills to tackle current business challenges and personal goals
  2. We research and advance the thinking in our specialist fields, from business strategy to executive stress.
  3. We work in industry as advisors, fractional directors, non-executive directors and (some of us) business owners

We try to bring the school to the workplace and bring the workplace to the school. See our Credentials.

What we offer

The HeadsUp network offers a manager the opportunity to meet – one-on-one, face-to-face online – with a subject matter expert who will use their experience in executive education to develop the manager’s knowledge about whatever subject they choose.

It’s a personal briefing from someone who knows what the top thinking is, the best practice, the research, the things that have been known to work.  From someone who can cut you straight to the point.

Your HeadsUp session – usually about 50 minutes in duration on Skype – will mean you don’t have to wade through the growing mountain of noise and stuff.  It’s like a navigation to the top thinking by someone who is paid to know it.

Why HeadsUp?

With technology we can do something new, and yet it’s something very old-fashioned.

Connecting managers with the very best person to help them wherever they are in the world.

And then talking, one-on-one.

We think that busy managers don’t always have time  – or the cash – to take time off work.

So we set up the HeadsUp to give managers a briefing – an ‘all-you-need-to-know’ on key areas that will drive executive performance.

And we KNOW that the value is always in the dialogue.  So we are using well-tried technology to give everyone the chance to talk it over with a person that knows

Straight to the point.  The HeadsUp.

Who is the network?

The Network draws on a panel of subject matter experts experienced in supporting executives through business school work.

They come from Europe, USA, Asia and Australasia. And they have worked in about every sector and corner of the world with managers just like you.  As lecturers at the front of the class, coaches and guides on side in your workplace.

See our Credentials

Join HeadsUp

If you are working in executive development as a subject matter expert and if you want to join our mission to help managers put the best thinking into action, then get in touch.

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