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No time off work.

Get face-to-face online with experts

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Get face-to-face online with experts

How it works

HeadsUp works in four easy steps!

  • Step 1. Think about what you need, what would help you
  • Step 2. Browse the topics to get ideas for how HeadsUp experts can help you and tick what looks useful
  • Step 3. Log in to see who could give you the HeadsUp on YOUR selection
  • Step 4. Choose your first HeadsUp session and book straight into the diary of the expert

What to expect

A 50 minute Skype – it’s a face-to-face and the expert will screen share
A brief chat about what you do, what you want and what you expect – your context
A summary of the top thinking on the subject you have chosen – an expert teach-in
A discussion about how you could use this – a gentle coach-in
A lot of Q & A – it’s a dialogue, make the most of it

Our commitment

Every member of the Network adheres to our Charter which sets out the requirement for:

  1. Confidentiality. Members are accustomed to maintaining client confidentiality and have made legal commitments to following strict guidelines.
  2. Knowledge leadership. Members are committed to being up-to-date and immersed in their specialist fields.
  3. Customer service. Members follow a code of conduct which sets out standards for holding calls, pre-and post-meeting contact, and cultural sensitivity.


You will receive your registration details once your company has purchased a supply of HeadsUp sessions.

What is a Heads Up?

A HeadsUp is a 50 minute one-to-one session on Skype on a business topic of your choice with an expert who knows that subject inside out – from change management to negotiation skills. And they know how to help you use it at work.  They guide you through the top thinking, point you in the right direction, work with you on the next steps.  At the push of a Skype button.  When you need it.

Can I choose a HeadsUp on anything?

There are over 80 HeadsUp topics to get you thinking in our Browse section.  Start there but this is not an exhaustive list – if you can’t see a topic that matches what you want, contact us with details of the HeadsUp you are looking for and we will do our best to find an expert who can help.

Can I choose who I get the one-on-one with?

Yes, once you have selected your topic, you will be given a list of experts who can help you with that specific topic and you can then choose who you would like to work with.  Bios will give you a little bit more information about the experts so you can understand their backgrounds

Can I talk about more than one subject in my session?

Each HeadsUp is designed to cover a specific topic in depth within the time limit.  It may be possible to touch on other subjects but to get the most out of your session and to make sure you have the right expert for each topic you are interested in, it’s best to book a separate HeadsUp on each topic .

Can I bring someone else into the call?

HeadsUp briefings can be used to support project teams in their challenge or support managers in their team meetings.   Please contact us at to discuss what is involved.

What if I want a one-on-one on something else, something not in the Browse section?

If you can’t see a topic that matches what you want in the Browse section, contact us with details of the HeadsUp you are looking for and we will do our best to find an expert who can help.

Can I send some pre-reading to my expert in advance? Such as a document to review?

If you have specific documents you would like to share, please use the share screen option during your session.

What are the names of the people on the Network?

The Network is made up of business school professionals, subject matter experts.   They are all trained in how to do a HeadsUp the HeadsUp way.  Our experts are like navigators – navigating the best of what is known – they know their stuff, they know how to apply it at work and they know how to help managers take the next step.

Can I speak with the expert outside of the HeadsUp platform?

Yes, discuss it during your HeadsUp session.

What if there are no times that my chosen expert is free?

Each expert will make as much time available each month as possible.  However, there may be times when short term availability is limited due to work commitments, holidays etc.  If you need the HeadsUp sooner, you may wish to opt for another expert who has availability that works for you.  If you cannot find availability for your chosen HeadsUp with any expert please contact us.

Can I schedule a HeadsUp at weekends?

HeadsUp sessions are available 7 days a week and our experts make time slots available across the week including evenings and weekends.  Not every expert will be available every day of the week due to teaching/work commitments but each will try to be as flexible as possible.

How do I change a HeadsUp session?

When you book a HeadsUp session you will receive a confirmation email.  This email contains links for rescheduling or cancelling a booked session.

Can I book the same person twice?

Yes, you can book a HeadsUp with the same expert as many times as you like!  You may want to go into a subject in more detail or you may want to get the HeadsUp in another area.  Either way just book your HeadsUp in the normal way by going through Browse.

What if the expert cancels?

Experts will only cancel their session as a last resort if something unavoidable has come up.  If this happens, the expert will notify you and give you access to their calendar to book another convenient slot.

What if I can’t make my HeadsUp session?

In the event that a session is scheduled by a participant and is then cancelled by the participant or the client more than three days before the session is to be conducted, the session is not chargeable.  A session which is cancelled within three days of the scheduled appointment time will not be chargeable if the session is re-scheduled with the same HeadsUp expert within the next two weeks. All other cancelled sessions will be included in the tally for invoiced supply.  Cancellations should be made by email to the HeadsUp expert with which the session has been scheduled.

How do I pay?

Your company will be invoiced for a supply of HeadsUp sessions and at that point you receive your log in details.

How am I sure my conversation will be confidential?

All our experts sign a confidentiality commitment on joining the HeadsUp Network.

What if I am dissatisfied with our session?

We want you to be completely satisfied with HeadsUp.  During the session, if things aren’t going the way you want them to, then please immediately tell the expert conducting the session.  He/she will try to put things right.  After the session if things remain unresolved then please contact us at .

What if the video call doesn’t work due to technical difficulties?

When booking a HeadsUp session, please ensure you choose a time when you know you will have access to a good internet connection.  There are of course times when things don’t go to plan.  If the connection fails during a session or is unobtainable please immediately get in touch with your HeadsUp expert by email.  Use the address which is included in the email that you received confirming your scheduled session.

What if the call lasts more than 50 minutes?

Each HeadsUp is scheduled for 50 minutes.  Any extension to this is at the discretion of the expert.