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Supporting a cross-border project team – extra pair of eyes

The CEO of an international manufacturer of building products asked multi-national project teams to address key execution challenges in his strategy.  One of the Network’s experts in implementation joined the project teams by Skype and provided an extra pair of eyes.  He shared models that the teams could use to look at their challenge, gave an opinion on their draft conclusions and tipped them off about obstacles that they may face based on his work in the field.

Bringing a new boss up to speed – just in time

A new GM in a German food manufacturing business was unprepared for her new management role and needed to learn fast.  Four Skype sessions with a Network expert in leadership allowed this busy executive to get up to speed with what the Schools teach on being the boss…without skipping a beat.

Helping fulfil the personal development plan – filling in the gaps

One ambitious Asian group offered a handful of their managers one-on-one time with a Network specialist in strategy to address a gap that emerged in the annual appraisals.  With the corporate competence framework calling for senior managers to better show ‘strategic thinking’, our UK-based expert took each of the chosen managers through the key thinking on this subject and – importantly – engaged in a dialogue about how the models could be used in the day job.


Network professionals have worked in sectors across the world.

All experienced in executive education – working in top Business Schools in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.
All experienced in industry – having held full-time operating positions and currently acting as advisors and directors

Here is a flavour of the corporates that our professionals have supported:

  • An international accountancy body
  • The UK arm of a US supermarket giant
  • The leading online betting brand
  • A private hospital group
  • A major, UK-based airline
  • A leader in outdoor media
  • A mutualised bank
  • A global leader in aircraft and satellite manufacturing
  • A UK retail insurance brand
  • An international telecoms equipment maker
  • An international beer and wine group
  • A large UK retail group
  • A European retailer of consumer electricals
  • The Dutch railway group
  • A European postal services operator
  • A Belgian banking group with operations across central and eastern Europe
  • One of the top three global insurance brokers
  • An aluminium products manufacturer
  • An industry watchdog
  • An Asian financial services group
  • The UK arm of a French pharma group
  • The Indian arm of a German pharma group
  • The leader in UK tool hire
  • An international engineering group
  • A leader in information publishing
  • The European, LatAm and North American operations of a global fertiliser group
  • A magic circle law firm


Take a look at what other business owners have said about the HeadsUp network….

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes.

I’ve had coaching but this is different.  This is like coaching with content, where you’re face-to-face with the specialist who can teach you exactly what you need.  I’ve developed my approach to strategy by skyping with HeadsUp.  And I had an MBA already!

Got it in one Skype.

It’s amazing what you can do in your sessions.  In one, I got the heads up on the top ideas in change leadership, talked about how I currently come across as a leader, and then worked on making me more demanding, more kind of questioning.  It was like all the best bits of a course!