Get ahead with a HeadsUp

The fastest way to learn is to get people who know to tell you.
The HeadsUp Network connects you with business school professionals who
talk to you, face-to-face online, about how to apply the best thinking to your work.
You choose what you want to know more about.  They give you the fast track.

  • It’s a personal briefing. A private class for you.
  • The expert shows you the important models, explains the ideas, answers questions. And helps you think about your situation.
  • You’ll be amazed what you cover in one session when it’s just you.
  • Face-to-face. Learning. Discussing. It’s a new way of doing something quite old-fashioned.

Use HeadsUp now…

Had a nudge from the boss? Need to develop your knowledge or get the latest thinking? About to change position?  Browse a wide range of topics, all based on top Business School teaching.
Contact us if you can’t see what you need.

New job landed on your desk?  Working in a project group and need an expert to give a view? Want the best practice from other sectors?  Check out how the best of management research, how field experts, can help you with your challenge.

Why HeadsUp?

You choose what you cover. On the call, the expert is driven by you.

 You choose the expert in that field – from wherever in the world.

 It’s knowledge when you need it – no waiting for a course.

You don’t waste travel cost or time out of the office.

It’s a personal dialogue – for better understanding and application.

Your Network

A panel of subject matter experts selected from around the world.  Professors, specialist researchers, visiting faculty. With substantial experience of teaching for business schools – in London, Paris, New York; for Harvard, MIT, Insead; in UAE, Australia and China.   All trained in knowledge transfer, passionate about helping managers access the very best of what is known. All available at the click of a button.

connected to industry >

connected to industry

Each SME has experience of applying their specialist knowledge to the challenges of business. And some are successful executives looking to share their wisdom. The Network knows financial services, manufacturing, retail, media, travel and transportation, infrastructure, technology and many other sectors.

on top of their field >

on top of their field

Get the HeadsUp from people who know the research. Meet professors who wrote the book. Call on SMEs who know their domain. The Centre for Management Research in Action selects all SMEs for their specialism and insists on continuing development.

working across the world >

working across the world

SMEs are drawn from across the world. And they have experience of working with managers in over fifty nations. Tap into those with knowledge of emerging markets, cross-cultural deal-making, and multi-national project delivery.

focused on your need >

focused on your need

Every HeadsUp SME is trained to help you make the most of this opportunity. Many SMEs are highly experienced coaches or tutors. And everyone has a passion for helping others progress.

Choose how HeadsUp can help you

Choose how HeadsUp can help you

Interested in the HeadsUp on something else? Contact us

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Just done your annual appraisal? Just moved into a new job? Need to get the latest thinking to round out your development? Need to go deeper into a topic that you are working on right now?

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New challenge just landed on your desk? Working in a project group and need an injection of fresh thinking?

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HeadsUp experts work with thousands of managers across the globe. Find out the hot topics right now.

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New to the Network. Get the HeadsUp on the latest topics. Meet with experts who have recently joined the Network.

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